• Dr. Clark Presents a Map to Navigating the “Second Half of Life”

    Somebody pushed the “reset” button on life as we know it. Healthcare reform has resulted in unprecedented social division and distrust. Recent economic events have permanently changed the business and social landscape — and the dust has not settled yet. Unlike previous one-dimensional revolutions, this economic, demographic, social and technologic revolution, will impact each of us personally and professionally. All aspects of our lives will be affected as we prepare for the second half of life, and seek to successful navigate the new lifestages of maturity. (read more...)
    • Implications for Financial Services

      Every industry is going to be effected by the mass aging of our population - none more than financial services and no career more than that of financial advisors. A unique consumer is migrating into the bull's eye, the new mature consumer. (read more...)
    • Implications for Healthcare

      As the 80-million strong baby boom migrates to the second half of life, the impact on healthcare will be dramatic. Communications, service, and marketing approaches that worked with our traditional older senior will fall short with the New Mature Consumer. (read more...)